The Good Scout Trilogy Continues with Book 2…

The rest of winter break was supposed to be “Merry and bright” until a wicked adversary seeks to harm the very core of this family.

    The Good Scout is an Excellent Christmas Thriller!

Something Sinister and Eerie is Happening!

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By Alexis N. Arnold

The Black Magic Enchantress

Young Adult, Fiction Fantasy Thriller

Book 2 in The Good Scout Trilogy

The Good Scout saga continues as Sam and his family face off against an all-powerful, ruthless, and devious black Magic Enchantress who targets them. Just when they thought the rest of winter break and the Christmas holidays were going to be “Merry and Bright’, a wicked adversary seeks to harm the very core of this family. It begins when Sam and Jenifer are rescued by Aunt Eleanor at the house where they were kidnapped. Just when they think they are safe and ready to go home, a menacing cackle is heard throughout the house. Then, a pentagram laced with fire and dark magic is branded on the wall. Right underneath the burning pentagram, an ominous message is carved into Zack’s dead body – “YOU CAN’T KILL ME E!” which begins the sinister magic. Why is this evildoer out for warped revenge? Skeletons in the closet come out when family secrets are revealed. Watch as dark magic unveils the true identities of those who are hidden. Will Cortney be an ally or foe? Brace yourself for a roller-coaster ride as friendships are tested, and the family is pushed to the edge. Will the family’s bond grow stronger, or will it crumble? See if they can escape the grasp of this evil enchantress.

By Alexis N. Arnold

The Good Scout

Young Adult, Fiction Fantasy Thriller

A Christmas Thriller you won’t forget!

It all started with a dream that quickly turned into reality. Torment, murder, fear, and a sprinkle of magic fueled our normal family as we struggled to uncover the truth and intent behind a psychotic torturing ghost with a taste for vengeance. Who knew the Christmas Holidays were going to be packed full of dead bodies, a couple of kidnappings, Hot Cocoa with marshmallows, mysteries behind mysteries, and good cheer? Uncover the secrets. Discover what’s driving the vengeful ghost in this thrilling tale. Are you a Good Scout?

Aspiring Best Selling Author

Alexis N. Arnold

Alexis was born in Beaumont, Texas, and a few years later, her family moved to the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, area where she currently resides. Being an avid fan of the TV show Supernaturals gave her the inspiration to write fantasy thrillers. Her love for writing fuels her imagination and adventurous spirit, allowing her ideas to become the stories she writes.  As she continues to grow as a writer, her desire is to be a director and bring her writing to life and share with people on the screen. Besides writing, she enjoys photography, graphic and web design, hanging out with her beloved pet, Cooper, playing video games, drawing, cooking, and daydreaming about her next story.


This is a fast pace read that goes from everyday normal to odd occurrences happening to a family that range from death/evil to supernatural/magic. It keeps your interest peaked with unusual twists and turns.

– Sherry B.


From the mundane to magical, this gripping tale takes you on a rollercoaster of suspense, death and supernatural intrigue.

– Dennis S.


The Good Scout is a cannot put down book. The story of Samuel, in the wake of his father’s mysterious death, readers are led down a path of haunting dreams, revenge, and eerie coincidences. Evil is as evil does! Do Not Read before Bedtime! 

– Nancy W.

Coming Soon!

Available June 30, 2024

The Woods of Weakness

The Good Scout Series

Book 3

Fiction Fantasy Thriller

Available September 2024

The Legacy of Lacy

Coming Soon


Fiction Fantasy Thriller

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June 30, 2024

World Book Launch • The Woods of Weakness

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World Book Launch • The Legacy of Lacy

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