The Woods of Weakness is coming soon!

The 3rd Book in The Good Scout Trilogy

Available June 30, 2024


The Millers and the Richards are embarking on another camping trip just six months after their harrowing journey filled with menacing adversaries and narrowly escaping with their lives. Despite the challenges, the beloved traditions of their annual outings have resumed since Kevin’s return. Fueled by optimism, the families unpack and set up camp with anticipation for the fun days ahead. While stories around the campfire, savoring hotdogs, and enjoying quality time together bring joy, the atmosphere shifts dramatically when a body is discovered. Suddenly, their peaceful retreat is disrupted as they learn fellow campers are mysteriously disappearing. To Sam, Jenifer, and Dillan’s horror, their parents go missing as well. They find themselves facing not only the threat of a cannibalistic monster but also a ranger who is inexperienced in handling such situations. Sam and the others are thrust into a race against time, grappling with the unknown as they strive to unravel the mystery, rescue the missing parents, and evade a monster whose speed and cunning surpasses anything they’ve encountered before.