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Alexis was born in Beaumont, Texas, and a few years later, her family moved to the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, area where she currently resides. Being an avid fan of the TV show Supernaturals gave her the inspiration to write fantasy thrillers. Her love for writing fuels her imagination and adventurous spirit, allowing her ideas to become the stories she writes.  As she continues to grow as a writer, her desire is to be a director and bring her writing to life and share with people on the screen. Besides writing, she enjoys photography, graphic and web design, hanging out with her beloved pet, Cooper, playing video games, drawing, cooking, and daydreaming about her next story.


Dream it, believe it, begin your journey and witness the magic unfold before your very eyes.

– Alexis

The Good Scout

Book 1 in The Good Scout Trilogy

Torment, murder, fear, and a sprinkle of magic fueled our normal family as we struggled to uncover the truth and intent behind a psychotic torturing ghost with a taste for vengeance.

The Black Magic Enchantress

Book 2 in The Good Scout Trilogy

Just when they thought the rest of winter break was going to be “Merry and bright,” a wicked adversary seeks to harm the very core of this family. Family secrets are revealed, dark magic unveils the true identities of those who are hidden.  Will Cortney be an ally or foe?


The Woods of Weakness

Book 3 in The Good Scout Trilogy

Coming June 30, 2024

Sam, Dillan, and their families go camping to relax and have fun. However, a gruesome murder and parents who go missing, force them to try to evade a cannibalistic monster whose speed, cunning, and powers surpasses anything they’ve ever encountered.

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